Lynda Robitaille


Project manager


My academic training coupled with over 25 years of scientific experience in different areas always interesting and challenging one than the other led me to excel. So I got an advanced degree, the pharmaceutical management specialist M.B.A.. This graduate level training just supports my growing experience in managing large projects and will be more beneficial for the rest of my management career. I work in the field of high technology or the medical genomics and big data, and in the field of rapid diagnosis. I contributed to the installation of a platform of non-human primates at Laval University and I actively participated in the first scientific protocol with the first cohort of monkeys. Recently, I was entrusted with the coordination of the new Big Data Research Center of Université Laval (BDRC), I’m a executive member of the this new center. The BDRC has 36 researchers, includes four faculties and 11 departments.

Biologist/M.B.A Pharmaceutical management



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