Corbeil Laboratory


Development of a machine learning-based in-process quality monitoring technology for plants during vaccine manufacturing. The team aims to enhance the productivity of the Quebec vaccine manufacturer Medicago R&D.

Understand how the disruption of ecosystems effects microorganisms in Arctic soils using the EcoChip, a microbial in situ culture system for measuring the growth of microorganisms in their natural environment.

A transnational team (Canada, China, Finland, France) with complementary skills working on machine learning for digital diagnostics of antimicrobial resistance.

Aims to determine if COVID-19 infection induces long-lasting protective immunity, as this is the main determinant of herd immunity in the absence of a vaccine.

Development of a new platform based on liquid biopsies to ease the monitoring of the health of coastal ecosystems in the polar environment.

Nutrition, health and society. The Centre's researchers aspire to be a driver of change through their actions based on the needs of individuals, of the environment and of decision makers.

Culture microbes and monitor their growth in situ to overcome limitations of traditional lab-based culturing techniques.

Air can lead to long-distance transmission of biological agents and antimicrobial resistance. We need a better understanding of the spreading and exposure of antimicrobial resistance through bioaerosols in Canada.

Canada Research Chair in Medical Genomics: Harnessing the Power of Genomics to Fight Infectious Diseases


Le Dr Jacques Corbeil tient à remercier et à montrer sa plus profonde gratitude envers les différents organismes subventionnaires canadiens provinciaux et nationaux, qui ont participé et qui participent encore activement à l’étude des différents projets de recherche du laboratoire. De plus, le laboratoire tient à mettre en avant le soutien de Calcul Canada pour nos projets de recherche. Dr Corbeil tient également à remercier et à montrer sa sincère reconnaissance envers les participants et patients qui ont contribués à diverses études cliniques du laboratoire.

Dr. Jacques Corbeil would like to thank and show his deepest gratitude to the various Canadian provincial and national funding agencies, which have supported the laboratory’s various research projects, both previously and currently. In addition, the laboratory would like to highlight the support of Compute Canada for our research. Dr. Corbeil would also like to express his sincere appreciation and thanks to the participants and patients who contributed to various clinical studies in the laboratory.